Bugging Out

20170309_154158.jpgReality is finally setting in. We are actually doing this. After a very long day we are at the Candlewood Suites in Nogales, AZ. The drive here wasn’t bad, especially for me since I wasn’t driving. I offered, but Don is a self proclaimed driving machine so he turned me down. We had to make more stops than usual to gas up since we were pulling a 4′ x 8′ U-Haul trailer with all the stuff that survived our ruthless purges. And, there were regular pit stops for the dogs.

The dogs.20170309_130324_001 They did remarkably well with very little drama. We did have an incident when Smoochie wrapped her leash around Don’s legs and took him down. He took it like a trooper despite breaking his fall in some goat heads. Ouch. Here’s a pic of the rest area where this happened. Very cool rock formations.

We got to Nogales around 2:30. Don hooked up with Robert, “The Mexico Moving Guy,” while I stayed at the motel with the dogs. It took Don and Robert over two hours to move our stuff from the U-Haul to Robert’s truck. Don says they did an exceptional Mexican packing job, lots of stuff covered by tarps, fastened with bungee cords. I can’t wait to see it.

Tomorrow we are meeting Robert at 5 AM at the Motel 6 where he is staying, then we will follow him to the border which is very close by. He apparently has a plan which involves acting dumb about customs laws. We will be his convincing backups. Don didn’t have any other details to share so I guess ignorance is good in this case. I’ll let you know how this works out.

Here are some more pics from the drive:


Big solar array outside of Hatch, NM


Hugo maintaining


Are we there yet?


Sleeping dogs are good dogs.


More tomorrow.

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