WhoooHooo – We Made It!

It’s Friday evening, March 10. We are sitting in the living room of our rental house drinking some cervezas while looking out the windows at the sun setting on the Sea of Cortez. Life is good.

This morning we met Robert, the moving guy at 5 AM. He told us what we needed to do once we got to the border, and the possible outcomes – the worst being told to unload the truck for inspection. truck

Without going into boring detail we ended up have mixed results at the border. Robert’s theory about the guards being too cold to closely inspect our stuff was thwarted by a young guard that was trying to impress his boss or something. We didn’t have to unloadNogales.jpg all of the boxes just a few around the edges, but that meant all the tarps, tie-downs, and bungie cords had to come off. He opened a few of the boxes to see if our list was accurate which, of course, they were. He asked about many of the items we had listed since Robert purposely didn’t translate the list to Spanish. He was very interested in Don’s Roomba vacuum, and Makita drill. He eventually was satisfied that we weren’t smuggling anything of interest, and took our list to an office to determine what we owed. He came back once to check on the Roomba, and a few other items, took some pictures, asked us to open the back of Don’t truck so he could see the tres perros, then went back to the office. About ten minutes later he came back and told Robert we didn’t owe anything! So, Robert knows what he is doing. He saved us at least $500. It took Robert and Don about 20 minutes to get everything loaded and secured again, then off we went, having spent two hours and 15 minutes getting our stuff, dogs, and us across the border. We had to stop at KM 21 at an immigration center to get our visas activated. We now have 30 days to go to the closest immigration center to get our actual temporary resident visas. Don’t ask. We haven’t figured out the reasoning behind most Mexican immigration legalities.

new hwy

Look, Ma. No shoulders.

The drive to San Carlos was uneventful. Once past Hermosillo, the capital of the state of Sonora,  autopista MEX 15 is under construction all the way to San Carlos. Robert made up for time lost due to the construction on completed short stretches by driving like we were in the Grand Prix. We made it to San Carlos by 1:30.

We went straight to the realtor’s office to pay the rest of the rent we owed. We were surprised when they told us that the tax due in addition to the other half of the rent we owed was $438. Yikes! We thought $2K/month was a bit high, but that tax is crazy. We got directions, the keys, gate opener, and off we went. We found the house pretty easily, but the gate opener didn’t work. After a few phone calls some guy showed up and opened the gate. He was supposed to come back to fix it today, but he didn’t. Maybe mañana.

The house is very nice. Great views! And an unexpected surprise.


A real bidet! SCORE!

view from deck.fw.png

Not walking distance, darn it.


Tetakawi out our back door

More mañana, maybe. Buenas noches mis amigos.

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