Smart Phones in Paradise

Today we did some unpacking, shopping, and exploring. Here are some pics:


Fruits and veggies from a farmer selling from the back of his truck.


Fresh eggs from the market.


View from the Mirador.


RZRs were zooming up and down the street this afternoon. They caught Don’s attention.

We went to the Soggy Peso for dinner. It was pretty crowded. There were lots of young people taking pictures of themselves with their phones.


Great band at the Soggy Peso. We had some delicious Marlin tacos, and pan seared La Plancha filets.


We had a couple of beers too.


We can see our house from the Soggy Peso.

We had some bad news today. The leaking bidet isn’t repairable so they told us to quit using it. We are sad.


More exploring tomorrow.


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