Sea Dogs

This morning we took the dogs to a beach. We discovered that Hugo likes to chase birds, on land or in the water. Swimming seems to be way better exercise than the treadmill for him. Now, if only Smooch would do more than dip her toes in the water.


Yesterday we bit the bullet and headed to Sam’s Club and Walmart in Guaymas. We dreaded going to these stores, but we haven’t found any reasonable alternatives close by. We were able to sign up for a Sam’s Club membership once an English speaking employee decided to help us. The membership cost $26. I’m not sure how much it is in the U.S.

We shopped at both stores, and filled up the back of Don’s truck with stuff like TP, dog food, garbage bags, and lots of other fun stuff. We got to Sam’s Club at 11 AM, and got home at 1:30 PM. Nothing moves fast here, especially Walmart employees. But, I’m not sure this any different in the U.S.

To fortify ourselves for this excursion we stopped at Rosa’s Cantina, the most popular breakfast place in San Carlos, to get something to eat. We both got the Huevos Rancheros. Very tasty, but it made us think about Mario’s :(.


Huevos Rachneros at Rosa’s.

While shopping at Walmart I noticed packaged chicken parts. I don’t think they sell these items in the U.S., but I may be wrong.


Anyone have a recipe calling for chicken feet? I’d like to see it – but probably not eat it.

While perusing the liquor department I spied these big jugs of rum for $220 pesos, or about $11. Good news for some of our friends that will be visiting.


We bought a drinking water dispenser and learned why those water bottles are made of hard plastic. Hey – it’s not pretty, but it works.


It’s science.

Zip discovered that she can wiggle through the front gate if there’s anything of interest walking by. Smooch tried too, without success. Here Don is putting up some deer fencing to keep the escapee in the yard.


A terrier owner’s work is never done.

Wednesday our realtor is going to show us some of the houses that we’ve been looking at via the San Carlos MLS. We can’t wait to see them. — No, our houses haven’t sold yet, darn it.

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