House Hunting

Today our realtor, Georgina, took us to look at some of the houses we have been looking at on the San Carlos MLS website. We liked most of them except an extra one she showed us on the golf course that was just plain weird. One of the houses was very beautiful, and well kept, but had way too many stairs, and an impractical layout. We saw two houses on the Caracol Pennisula which is where you want to be for killer views like this:

cat house view

This house was pretty special. It is not on the MLS yet so we were lucky to see it. The floor plan was well thought out, and it included a little apartment perfect for visitors. The problem with the Caracol houses is that there is no yard for the dogs. We are not sure how to deal with this.

We saw the solar house  which is beautiful. Along with killer views, it has an elevator! But, again no yard.

Our favorite from today’s group is one on a bluff above the golf course. It is a beautiful home, with all of the main living areas on one level with garage — very important for grocery lugging, and aging homeowners.

When we were done with the house tours we went to Iguana Burger for lunch. Seems like it would be a fun place to be on Saturday nights. While we were eating a couple of creative panhandlers dropped in:


Scary looking panhandlers with great rhythm.

Georgina is going to show us some more houses on the newer side of San Carlos on Friday. Tomorrow we are going to go to the immigration center in Guaymas to deal with our temporary visas. Georgina told us it is easy to find since it’s next to the Burger King on the main drag. She said it won’t be busy. We’ll keep you posted.

Tonight’s sunset. Life is good.



2 thoughts on “House Hunting

  1. Personally, I vote for the one with the guest quarters. But then you might not ever get rid of me! (It all looks just miserable, don’t know how you’re going to manage… LOL!)


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