House Hunting, continued

Today Georgina took us to see more houses. We fell in love with the seahorse house on the Caracol peninsula. It has lots of stairs, but has a perfect spot to install an elevator. The agents say it would cost about $5K to install one. It has two bedrooms on the lower level with their own entrance. Our guests can party till the cows come home, and not have to worry about disturbing us when they come home. It has enough garden areas for the dogs — a yellow lab lives there now. Best part of this house, besides the view, is that the owners are willing to do some short-term financing so we could possibly take possession of the house while our houses sell.

On that front, I got an offer on my house. Our realtor warned me it was low, but $40K under the asking price is insultingly low. We are going to counter by dropping the asking price by $5K. I’m pretty sure these buyers aren’t going to be the ones. Don was supposed to get an offer this morning, again she warned him it was going to be low. That offer hasn’t materialized yet. It’s all very frustrating.

6 thoughts on “House Hunting, continued

  1. The seahorse house is overlooking the sea. You can see the view in some of the pics from the link I put in the post.
    Right now, 6:30 PM it’s 76 with a gentle sea breeze.


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