Heineken Heaven

We went to lunch at Los Arbolitos today.


Several people have told us that they have the best seafood in San Carlos. We went there once while visiting in November, but were unimpressed. The food was OK, but it is an outdoor restaurant, and the flies were so bad it was hard to pay attention to the food. But Don has been jonesing for some seafood so we decided to try it again. It was a good sign, at least in Don’s opinion, when we were greeted by two muy bonita senoritas giving away free Heinekens.

heinekin girls.jpg

The menu is extensive, and pretty much in Spanish with some token English translations here and there. Don decided to try the Pescado Frito which was a big fried fish, face and all.


fish bones

Must have been pretty tasty.

I didn’t recognize much on the menu, and ended up ordering the filete cordon bleu. I figured anything stuffed with with cheese and ham couldn’t be bad. I was right, it wasn’t bad, but was basically flavorless except for the generous scoop of red chile sauce that covered it. I think I need to work on my Spanish a bit more before we go back. The two meals were 375 pesos, or about $19. The Heinekens were free.

Monday is a national holiday celebrating Benito Juarez’s birthday. Wikipedia tells me that Benito Juarez is Mexico’s most beloved leader who was president of Mexico 1858-1872. During his presidency he made significant progress in modernizing the country. This weekend San Carlos is bustling with revelers as, we are told, happens every holiday. Georgina, our realtor, told us Easter weekend is completely crazy much like most beach cities during spring break. We will try to be prepared so we don’t have to venture into the madness. Sheese- it sucks to be old :(.



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