Good News – maybe

Today Don accepted an offer on his house! The buyer needs to qualify so this is not a done deal. Our fingers are crossed.

We met with Georgina today to talk about the seahorse house. She explained the different options we can use to buy the house such as making an offer contingent on our houses selling. If we did this, the house would remain on the market, but we would have the right to up our offer if a better one came in. Or, we can make a 30% down payment, with a balloon payment down the road. This one would be nice since we would be able to take possession of the house at closing, then pay the balance when our houses sell. But, a 30% down payment will pretty much wipe out most of our cash on hand which makes me nervous. We decided we want to see the house again. We need to forget the amazing view, and all the cool furniture/decor that will come with the house to take a closer, more critical look. We are going to do this Wednesday. Hopefully the second look will dismiss those second thoughts I’ve been having. Don has no second thoughts, but I think he is blinded by the seahorse pillar in the kitchen.


Georgina gave us more good news. We asked her for some help with immigration papers we are required to submit — in Spanish. She was more than willing to help us, but mentioned that there were people in San Carlos who will deal with the immigration process for us for a fee of 700 pesos, or about $36. Since we are like deer in headlights when we go the immigration office, we will be hiring one of these people ASAP.  The following story will illustrate why.

When we were done at Georgina’s office we decided to go to Guaymas to get more passport photos taken. We have to provide three face shots, and two side shots. We thought we were done with applications, and photos from our dealings with the Mexican consulate in Albuquerque. Silly us. We were told by several people here that there was a place to get passport photos taken inside the big Ley grocery store near the immigration center. We found the sign for the store easily, but the actual store is deep inside a big mall. We found it eventually. It has no doors directly to the parking lot so you have to push your cart full of groceries through the mall to get to your car. Weird, in my opinion. Anyway, we were told it was just inside the entrance. We couldn’t see anything that looked like it would take passport photos so Don asked an employee who looked at us like we were insane, and said no passport photos here. Arrrrgg. As we left the store, completely frustrated, we noticed a store close to that entrance to the mall that takes passport photos. Mystery solved. But, of course, they were closed for the holiday. At least we know where to go now. We find that we spend a lot of time wandering around looking for places, and stuff. We are certain, though, that this wasteful wandering will decrease, hopefully very soon.

We decided to bite the bullet again, and stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things like a wireless printer, dishwasher soap, and liquid detergent for laundry. We had another lengthy wandering experience looking for dishwasher soap. We looked through the many aisles containing like products, but could not find it. There were a couple of English speaking ladies looking for something as well so I asked them if they knew where it was. They didn’t, but literally chased down an employee to ask. That employee didn’t know, but said she would send someone over to help. We thanked the ladies, who were from Denver, for their help then waited for the help. We noticed some Jet Dry on a shelf so figured they must have dishwasher soap. After about five minutes we gave up on the help, and the soap, and moved on to the next item. We were able to find about ten more items that weren’t on the list, but really, really need, then went to check out. As we were doing so the Denver ladies spotted us, and told us they found out the store doesn’t sell dishwasher soap. Mystery solved, but what about the Jet Dry? Anyway, we will be washing dishes by hand from now on since the dishwasher in this house doesn’t do a good job even with soap. 😦

We went home, fully loaded, and starving. We decided to go to La Palapa Griega, a Greek seafood restaurant on the beach, and fairly close to our house. Don had some bacon wrapped shrimp.


Good thing I don’t like shrimp since he wasn’t willing to share.

Not willing to try any more mystery entrees, I decided to try the moussaka. I’ve had a few times before, and liked it. Anything with a layer of Bechamel sauce on top works for me.


Bad pic, but it was delicious.

As we were enjoying the view on this beautiful day we could see the seahorse house on the hill.

seahorse houseIt has quite a nice view to the east. No sunsets, but city lights of San Carlos and Guaymas at night. It’s also less windy than the west side of the peninsula. I think it will do.

Pretty long winded tonight, sorry.

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