The Great Race

Today as we were driving to Guaymas Don said it kind of felt like we were contestants in the reality show The Great Race. When we crossed the U.S./Mexican border on March 10 the clock started on our next challenge — 30 days to get our Residente Temporal cards. Logistically andvisas.jpg language challenged, our first efforts failed miserably. Then we figured out the answer – pay someone to do it for us. Today we paid an immigration specialist $150 each (Georgina was a bit off in her cost estimate) to handle everything for us. She will fill out all the forms, go to the bank to pay our visa fees – about $190 each, then take the forms and visa payment receipt to the immigration office for processing. When the processing is done she will go with us to the immigration center for the last step. We don’t know what that step is other than they will take our finger prints – again. They did this at the Mexican consulate in Albuquerque. Anyway, we will find out in a few days, and beat the clock!

Now that we have this issue off our plate we can move on to others such as new vehicles. We must replace Don’s 2004 Toyota Tacoma, then take it back to the U.S. to sell. This will be a new adventure since the closest Toyota dealer is in Hermosillo. Additionally, Don is thinking that instead of replacing his RZR with another, maybe we should get a jet ski. I like that idea. Potential visitors, what do you think?

3 thoughts on “The Great Race

  1. Oooooo!!! I’m excited to come!!! I do love the RZR.. I have never been on a jet ski… my vote is to get both! 😜


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