Good news confirmed!

Don has officially sold his house. The closing is on May 3. One down, one to go.

We went to see the seahorse again today. The visit didn’t exactly banish my second thoughts, but did confirm that I really like the house much better than any of the houses we’ve seen. Don still really, really likes the house. It is not perfect, but the view is, so I’m willing to live with a few mauve plumbing fixtures, and other 80’s leftovers — at least until all of our other major purchases are done; new Toyota Tacoma, sailboat, car for me, jet ski and/RZR, dirt bike. It is not a great house for dogs, but since they have done so well so far, we are sure they will adjust especially if we take them to the nearby beach on a regular basis. Plus, we don’t want to pass up a great house because of our dogs. That would be stupid. We think we are going to make an offer on it. Stay tuned, this decision is changing hourly.

Afterwards we went to the nearby Captains Club. We were the only customers so service was great. Don ordered the fish and chips. He said they were kick ass, the best he’s ever had.

fish and chips

Kick ass fish and chips

I ordered chile rellenos. They were delicious too. The cost for these entrees, and one cerveza was 245 pesos or $13.


Kick ass chile rellenos.

The place had many interesting decorations.


Tequila bottle chandelier.


Wall topped by jugs of colored water.


Words to live by.


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