Windy Day

Today was a windy day in San Carlos. Not that windy by Albuquerque standards, but strong enough to bring out the wind surfers and kite boarders. We saw a vehicle with surf boards atop which triggered Don’s craving to go wind surfing. We were able to track down the surfers at Algodones Beach. They were a couple of guys from the U.S. here to enjoy the balmy Sea of Cortez waters. The boys swapped wind surfing stories while I wandered down to the water to enjoy the view.


A sea snail (I think) washed up onto the beach.



All rig, no ride.

When we got home Don worked on his rigging. Tomorrow is supposed to be even windier. Maybe he’ll go for a ride.

We went to the Soggy Peso for dinner, and to watch the kite boarders.



Sure looks like fun.

3 thoughts on “Windy Day

  1. Jet ski sounds pretty fun! I like the seahorse column too. Good luck on the adventures, glad to hear dad’s house sold. sounds like you’re already getting pretty familiar with the town. Have fun!


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