No Bueno

Our trip to the Toyota dealer was a bust. We found out that 90% of Tacomas made in U.S./Mexico stay in the U.S. To get a Tacoma Don has to put down a deposit to get onto a waiting list. It could take six months or more to get one. He decided he’s not that into Tacomas. We are going to go to Guaymas tomorrow to look at Chevy’s, Ford’s, maybe Nissan’s. Hope he finds something he likes.

vinoWe went to Costco, and signed up for a membership. It’s very much like the Costco’s in the U.S. I was happy they had some Chardonnay which has been very hard to find in these parts. Most of the bottles in the wine section were dusty which confirmed my worst fear. This is strictly cerveza and tequila country. There are literally beer convenience stores every other block, and yes, all they sell is beer. The Chardonnay at Costco was from France. I was not expecting much since it was about $6/bottle. Turns out it’s pretty good, or maybe I just can’t remember what Chardonnay is supposed to taste like. There is a limit to how much booze you can buy at once so Don had to check out with some of our liquor purchases separately. At the Costco in Albuquerque they once told us we could buy an entire pallet of Heineken 12-packs. Interesting.pollution

We could see a layer of pollution hanging over Hermosillo as we were approaching the city. It made me sad to think that’s the way many U.S. cities will look again once Trump guts the EPA.


2 thoughts on “No Bueno

  1. Too bad about the Toyotas, does Costco in MX have the car buying service like they do in the US? Might make things a little easier?


    • I don’t think they offer many services like they do in the U.S. Buying a car here is kind of like buying one at CarMax – no haggling. The prices are set, take it or leave it. The trick is finding one you like.


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