Offer Accepted!

We found out about 10 last night that the sellers accepted our offer! Which house did we buy? This one:

house front

This house is in the De Anza neighborhood which borders the golf course. We decided on this one for several reasons including its size. It is big, over 3300 square feet. It is pretty new, is well built, has good windows and doors, and since you can get to the main living areas from the garage we won’t have to deal with steps unless we want to go downstairs. For our visitors the downstairs has two decent sized bedrooms, a full bath, and a huge living room. The living room is plumbed for a cold kitchen which we can add if we want. It has space in the back for a small pool which we might add if the budget allows.

It is a really cool house that we won’t have to “fix” any time soon. We will have to put up a fence for the dogs, but that’s our only immediate concern.

Here are some photos I pulled from the MLS listing. I will take more next time we go to see it.

kitchen view

This will be Don’s view while he is washing dishes.

lr downstairs

Downstairs living room.


View of golf course and sea from deck.


Really big two car garage with a RZR which is not included 😦 We are going to see if they want to sell it.

We will take possession on May 9. We will move in then sweat it out until my house sells so we can pay the balance owed by September 9. A somewhat nerve racking situation, but confidence is high.

In other news Don put a deposit down to hold a blanco Chevrolet Colorado which is due to be delivered in early May. Car and Driver rated this truck first in it’s class for 2017. The Tacoma was forth. Between that and the crappy experience at the dealer in Hermosillo his Toyota loyalty sprouted wings and flew away. Oh, what a feeling…

13 thoughts on “Offer Accepted!

  1. Very nice! The house looks great. Good luck on the fence and writing that big check. Be sure not to add any extra “0”s. That spotted fear looks more like curtains fever. Hope he feels better.


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