Smokeless on the Water

Don went wind surfing today. He left about 11 AM to go to Algodones Beach which is very close to our rental house. When he got there a newly built gate and guard shack was closed for business. This is confusing to us since the beaches belong to the Mexican people. I guess the guard shack builders didn’t get the memo. Anyway, he had more luck at the beach just past the Soggy Peso. I have cajoled him into blogging about his experience today. Stand by for Don:

Hi blog readers!

I hope this interests some one.  It turns out this is a much better place to windsurf than where I started out to go to and with in walking distance to the Soggy Peso, my favorite water hole. Algodones beach is a long way to the water through deep sand.  I was not looking forward to hauling all my gear to the water. This new spot is right there, maybe 50 feet from some of the greatest looking water I have ever launched from to go windsurfing: clear blue, and with white caps.

Having not windsurfed much for about seven years, and knowing that the wind was predicted over 20 mph, I rigged a smaller sail so I wouldn’t get over powered. Adrenalin  took over as it took me an amazingly short time to rig. I must have been way pumped up, and in no time I was on the water. I got on plane, missed every jib with a big splash into the warm water. I went way out, did a bad jib, and with another wonderful splash tried to water start, but there was not enough wind. I up hauled during this, then got blown way down wind. When I got back to the beach I had to do the walk of shame back to my launch area. I was glad no one I knew was watching.  It felt great, but was I tired so I put in just in time as the wind picked up. Sand was blowing and stinging me as I un-rigged.

Can’t wait to go some more.


He was going pretty fast according to the salt water streaks on his sunglasses.

Tonight’s sunset.


5 thoughts on “Smokeless on the Water

  1. Don, sounds like you need to do more posting!! I think Emily would agree. Glad you found a great place to wind surf.
    Sue, when are you going to give it try?


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