Perlas del Mar de Cortez

Today we went to the Perlas del Mar de Cortez, a pearl farm in Guaymas. Here’s a link to an article about the farm from What’s Up San Carlos.

pearl entry

Defunct university where the pearl farm is located. The school closed down after the crash of 2008. Not enough students could afford to attend.


That’s San Carlos across the bay.


Potato sacks stuffed with straw simulate coral in which the oyster babies hide.


Palapa where farm employees scrape parasites off of the oysters every two months.

Mario, a farm tour guide who got his job because he speaks pretty good English, allowed us to join a tour he was giving to a bunch of Americans and Canadians. It was very interesting. I won’t go into much detail since hopefully you will want to take the tour when you come visit us. But here are some factoids to peak your interest – to seed the oysters the farm uses only fresh water shell nuclei made from Mississippi mussels (clams). The farm has 250,000 oysters at various stages working on producing the rare cultured pearls. They harvest the pearls in July with a 20-30% success rate to produce 4,000 pearls a year.


Mario shows us an oyster covered with parasites.

Don bought me a beautiful turtle pendant.


Happy birthday to me – a bit early…

8 thoughts on “Perlas del Mar de Cortez

  1. Pearl farm sounds interesting – great job Don on the turtle pendant – absolutely gorgeous and great symbolism for your new journey – endurance, persistence ….


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