Roast Pork Dinner

Last night we went to a roast pork dinner at the Club Deportivo (Sports Club). We bought tickets to the dinner last week from Jan who was selling them outside the bank ATM — the only ATM in town that we’ve found. The tickets cost $150 pesos each, or about $8 each. Jan told me all about the club and the dinner. The club offers all sorts of activities, none of which sound very sports related, like contact bridge, line dancing lessons, taped exercise classes, and ceramic lessons.  We could buy a lifetime membership for $100. Will we bite? TBD.


Jan told us the Club has dinners about five times a year. This would be the last one until December since they revolve around snowbird schedules. Jan explained that the menu included delicious roast pork, mashed potatoes, and a salad bar to die for. I was an easy sell since I am pretty sick of my cooking, such as it is. Don was too, since he’s like “whatever.”

The tickets said the doors opened at 4:30, and dinner would be served at 5:30. They also said to bring your own dinner service which I thought was strange. I stuffed some paper plates, and silverware into a shopping bag, and off we went. The club is on the country club grounds, not too far away. We arrived about five, somewhat fashionably late since many people were already there enjoying cocktails from the no host bar. You had to buy tickets to get a drink so Don bought two for $60 pesos or $3. Don redeemed his for a beer, and I opted for a margarita since they had a banner proclaiming “Best Margaritas in Town.” The margarita was frozen, and was pretty good. I’m not sure if it was the best in town since it’s the only one I’ve had so far — I’ll have to work on that. It was definitely the smallest margarita in town. It came in a little plastic cup not much bigger than the cups that come with liquid medicine. But, what the heck? It cost $1.50.

We claimed a spot at a table which seemed to be the thing to do. It was an interesting looking crowd. Don remarked he had never seen so many gray ponytails in one place, most of which were worn by men. Some long-time San Carlos residents, Margaret and George, and their friends Don and Grace joined us. George was very entertaining, and shared a lot of good information as did the others. To prevent mayhem at the serving line they called table numbers at random. There were 13 tables. Our table was number five, and we got called pretty close to the end, but no worries, there was plenty of food. The table that got called last was awarded a bottle of wine. I wanted to ask them where they got the wine, but forgot about it once they started putting food on my plate. Turns out Jan was right. The food was delicious, and the salad bar was to die for. And, to top it off, they brought around trays of chocolate cake for dessert. Yum. Once everyone was done eating it was a race to the door. We were home before seven.

During dinner Margaret invited me to join some ladies who meet for breakfast every Thursday morning at nine at a hotel restaurant near the marina. Their husbands meet for breakfast too, but at the hotel restaurant on the patio. Pretty quaint, but I think we are going to go. We need to meet people who can teach us the ins and outs of living in San Carlos. We have much to learn.

Here are some pics Don took of tonight’s sunset.


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