Good News, and Bad News

Today we went to the immigration center to pick up our Temporary Resident cards. We are official — at least until March 9 of next year. Then we have to renew for one more year. After that we don’t have to renew anymore, and once we have lived here four years we will become Permanent Residents. Getting these cards is a relief since we couldn’t leave the state of Sonora until we got them. I’m not sure where we would have gone, but we were feeling a bit uneasy about it.


Not a bad mug shot, eh?

On our way home we stopped at the bank to see if our account was ready. It was! We got debit cards, and a check book. We both wrote checks from our U.S. banks to deposit into our new account. They do things a bit differently here since we will be able to access this newly deposited money tomorrow! They have sort of a hybrid system which still uses many of the non-electronic methods that banks used in the U.S. when I worked at a bank in 1975. The paper checks will be delivered to Hermosillo tonight, then on to the U.S. where they will eventually arrive at our U.S. banks. In the meantime, they trust that our checks are good. Norma explained this is why they require so much information to open an account.



Now for the bad news. We found out that the flights from Phoenix and Tucson to Guaymas that were supposed to start at any time are not going to happen. Sounds like the guy who was behind the effort was either a very bad businessman, or a scammer. Many people here had invested significant sums, and it looks like they will probably not get it back. 😦 Hopefully there are still flights to Hermosillo, which is not as convenient, but definitely do-able. We have some friends who are coming to visit at the end of May who are taking a bus from Phoenix to Guaymas. I will ask them to do a guest blog to give us all the details of their adventure.

3 thoughts on “Good News, and Bad News

  1. Glad to hear about your financial & resident successes, but that’s really a bummer about the flights to Guaymas. I was just checking the distances, & it looks like it’s 2.5 hours from Hermosillo to San Carlos — not very convenient at all! But a 9 hour bus ride will *not* be happening in my world anytime soon… or ever. LOL! Good luck to your friends who are doing that!


  2. Well, it’s 2.5 hours to Hermosillo if you obey the speed limits, which no one does. The road is under construction so there are countless detours. But, we made it there in about 1.5 hours few weeks ago. And, the airport is on the San Carlos side of town so that will help.


  3. You could write a guidebook on the process to become residents…..lots of details. Too bad about the air service hopefully it comes back


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