Earth Day in San Carlos

To celebrate Earth Day Don went snorkeling. He’s going to tell us about his adventure:

Hi blog readers, yep went snorkeling today. Went to try out the waterproof body for my Nikon1. It was big, weighed way too much, and I could not see the screen at all because Nikon decided to tint the viewing window. I did not like it at all. No wonder the price went from $750 to $48. Glad I waited for the price to drop or I would have been way upset. I see a new waterproof camera in my near future. Below are some blind shots that I took but missed a lot of fish.

clear wateraqua mansea urchinurchinsstarfishfishmanta rayselfiecove



Ok, no more complaining about the camera, and more about the day. I started out around 9:30. It was around 75 degrees and sunny. To get to a remote beach I had to climb over a hill with a small trail, and was enjoying little lizards running away from me. They looked like the brown ones in New  Mexico, but had bright white and black tails that, when they stopped they would curl their tails into little balls and wave them. Never seen that before and it was very cute. (Will try to get video of them when I go again.)

After about 20 minutes I was at the beach. That is it in the picture with water drops on it. Unbelievable, cool looking water. I was amazed that it was Saturday and no one there. I put on my snorkeling stuff and went in. The water was 74 degrees and I could see about 50 feet in all directions. It doesn’t get much better then this. There were a lot of fish around 6″ and some stingrays. What a great way to enjoy Earth Day. After about a hour I  headed home, and then to my fave watering hole.


Looks like fun!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

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