Christmas in April

Today we were able to pick up mail and packages at our realtor’s office. The mail is delivered to our new mailing address in Tucson. For about $18 a month we have a U.S. address where we can can have our mail forwarded, and packages delivered. Then about once a week to every ten days someone brings the mail to San Carlos. As a test run I ordered some items from Amazon. The packages were delivered to Tucson last week, and they showed up at the realtor’s office today. It was very exciting for the dogs since I ordered a Chuck-It and some new balls, and I got some dishwasher pods. No more dishpan hands!


20170424_122354_001Today Lupita, our cleaning lady, came. She works very hard, and non stop for three to four hours. She doesn’t have a car so she takes a bus from the other side of San Carlos to the end of the main drag. The bus doesn’t go any further so Don goes to pick her up otherwise she would walk, or hitchhike the rest of the way which is probably about four miles. She asks for $200 pesos, or about $10.50 U.S. Since no one can live on that we give her $800 pesos which is about $40 U.S. She seems happy with this amount. Lupita doesn’t speak much English, but we seem to communicate OK, and we can practice our Spanish on her. She is very funny, and tiny as her picture with Don shows.


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