Bad Check

In our latest mail delivery I received a check from the IRS for over payment, It was a irs checkwelcome surprise. I took it, and another refund check I received from my former alarm monitoring company, to CI Banco to deposit into our new account. Interestingly, they told me I couldn’t deposit either check. The bank manager said they wouldn’t accept checks from the U.S. Treasury. I was so surprised since those checks are treated like gold in the U.S. that I failed to ask him why. They would have accepted the check from the alarm company had it been for at least $500.

sue_pp1.jpgToday I went to Lupita’s Salon (another Lupita, not our cleaning lady) for a haircut and a color touch up. Lupita’s English isn’t great, and my Spanish is pathetic so it was a bit of a challenge to communicate. She did a good job, I’m pretty happy with the results. It was about $23 for color and a haircut.



Don went snorkeling again this morning. He is getting better with his underwater camera.

5 thoughts on “Bad Check

  1. WOW, how will you cash the check? Your hair looks great. You communicated ok. Enjoy Don’s snorkeling pics. You two are having such fun. (Miss you tho)


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