Ready to Sail

In anticipation of our sailboat acquisition I ordered life jackets for Hugo and Smoochie

zip sailing

Surefooted Zip on the Kunundrum

from Amazon. Since Zip is an experienced sailor, she, of course, already had a jacket. I ordered the jackets, and some other dog items which cost $90.77 on March 21. It was my first, and probably only, order from The shipping, handling, and import fees came to $70.35. Yes, this was steep, but the chance of finding life jackets for dogs in Mexico was nada. Mexicans do not revere dogs the way we do in the U.S. so finding things like decent dog food or larger than Chihuahua sized dog beds is a challenge.

Amazon promptly shipped the my order in two packages, and notified me that DHL would deliver them a week later. Not giving it a second thought I used our rental house address as the shipping address. We stayed home on the scheduled delivery date since we would have to sign for the packages. Around 1 PM I got a call from DHL. The caller only spoke Spanish, but I understood that they couldn’t deliver the package. He kept mentioning Guaymas so I thought maybe he would take to the DHL office there so I could pick it up. I ended up asking, best I could, if he could have someone who spoke English call me back. I thought he agreed to this so waited the rest of the afternoon for the call which never came. Turns out they took the packages to Hermosillo where I could pick them up. When I found this out I contacted Amazon. I told them I paid $70.35 to have my order shipped to San Carlos, and was not willing to go to Hermosillo to get the packages so please cancel the order. The customer service staff promptly responded, and said they had contacted DHL, and the packages would be delivered to the alternate address I had provided — our realtor’s office which is known to all delivery people — by April 11. If I didn’t receive the packages by then I should contact them and they would issue a refund. Well, I didn’t receive the packages by April 11. They were still sitting in a warehouse in Hermosillo according to the DHL tracking site. I contacted Amazon that day, and they promptly credited the card I had used to make the purchase.

It was this incident that prompted us to get the forwarding address service in Tucson. We can order from the U.S. Amazon site, and have things shipped to Tucson to avoid shipping/handling/import fees. It has worked for one shipment so far, but we need to keep in mind that some people who pick up the mail from the service in Tucson to bring to San Carlos may not be willing to bring packages for fear of getting pinched for them at the border. We understand that it’s a crap shoot so we may not get packages very quickly.

So, imagine my confusion last week when I got an email from DHL telling me my package had been delivered. What? Don drove over to the realtor’s office to get it, and they knew nothing about it. I looked at the DHL tracking site, and it said the package had been delivered to San Carlos, and they had proof of delivery. Someone named Ana T. had signed for it. By this point I was sure DHL was pranking me so I decided to forget it. But, then again, Ana T. had signed for it so somewhere in San Carlos DHL had delivered a package for me. On Saturday we had to go to the realtor’s office to sign some papers so I asked Georgina if Ana T. worked in their office. No, no Ana T. worked there, but Georgina remembered that another realty office in the same strip mall had an employee named Ana Torres. Don and I walked to that office and asked if Ana T. worked there. They said yes, so I explained about the package. There was a big pile of packages — shipping to your realtor’s office is a common practice — which we looked through and found it! Actually, both packages were there, but we only looked for the one since I never got notified about the second one. I asked Don to go back there today to check for the second one, and sure enough it was there. I have notified Amazon about this latest turn of events so they can charge me again for the items.

After all that we are ready to go sailing. Now all we need is a boat…

life jackets.jpg


7 thoughts on “Ready to Sail

  1. My goodness!!! Glad you got the life jackets for the dogs settles. After you get settled in your new home delivery should get smoother. We had snow, wind and rain this past weekend. The roses survived think the grass did also. Love the pics of the 3 soon-to-be sailors. Enjoy your blogs A LOT.


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