San Carlos Scoop

We have met some great people in San Carlos. We have been going to the Thursday morning breakfasts where the men and women split up. Don has learned the reason for the segregation is that the men can’t handle the near riotous discussions that occur at the women’s breakfast table. I can understand this. When you put ten or more women who have much to say together in one spot it’s a combination of chaos, and hilarity at a deafening decibel rate. Despite being a bit overwhelming, I have gotten valuable newcomer advice, and met some really amazing ladies. For example, Sheila, a former Canadian police woman/correction officer who suffered serious injuries during a prison riot. I never thought about prison riots in Canada. Who knew?

Last Sunday we were invited to Maggie and George’s house for happy hour. We met them at the roast pork dinner at Club Deportivo a few weeks ago, and Maggie is a regular at Thursday morning breakfast. They live in the Ranchitos area which is where you live if you want some property. They have a lovely house that sits on a half acre with an apartment they can rent out, and a casita for visitors. George and Maggie have lived in San Carlos for over 12 years. They moved here from Alameda, CA (SF bay area) where they were in the real estate business. George spent a fair amount of time in Mexico in his youth with his grandfather who kept horses here. George is a take action kind of guy. He works to resolve San Carlos issues instead of sitting around bitching about them — a good person to know. We met Lydia and Jim at the happy hour. Jim is quite the character. He told us an amazing story from his youth when, due to an unfortunate series of events he was arrested, and charged with some felonies when he was 17. He told his story elaborately, but to save typing I’ll cut to the quick. He knew Jack Ruby, and called him for help. Ruby intervened and got Jim exonerated. Apparently Ruby was well connected, and that’s how he was able to gain access to shoot and kill Lee Harvey Oswald while he was in police custody. For those who are too young to know about Jack Ruby, Google him. You will find the info very interesting.

We learned a lot at the happy hour. Such as:

  • San Carlos was hit hard by Hurricane Jimena in 2009.
  • The butchers at Santa Rosa Market will add fat to the ground beef for Americans.
  • San Carlos is a small town. If I sleep with my neighbor’s husband, everyone will know about it.
  • Local politics can get ugly.
  • Mexicans will say yes to anything you ask of them, even if they can’t do what you ask, they will sure try.
  • We missed a good time at Santa Semena (Holy Week) that were warned to avoid. Apparently we should have been partying in town instead of hiding out at home.

Today Don went golfing with George, and two other guys. One was Chris, the guy that lives in the house behind us. Don said he was very nice, and told Don that we lucked out, and are buying the best house in San Carlos. Hope he’s right. Don took some pics:

golf course1

That’s Coco, George’s dog. I guess well behaved dogs are welcome on the course. Too bad our dogs won’t get to enjoy a round now and then.

golf course2

Don turned out to be the “A” player of this foursome so he was feeling pretty good.


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