Nuevo Camion!

Today Don got to pick up his new truck. It was due to be delivered between May 12 & 16, so we were stunned when Fernando called on April 26 to tell Don it had arrived. It was an unprecedented event in our long list of mañana hecho — done tomorrow — Mexican experiences. We went to the Chevy dealership on Monday to pick up the truck. Sure enough, it was there. Fernando was very excited to show Don his new Colorado which are almost as hard to come by as Toyota Tacomas. Upon inspection Don noticed that the towing package he had paid for was not installed, and the sand proof floor mats were missing. It took some time (of course), but Fernando made sure the mats and towing parts got ordered. Don decided to leave the truck there until it was ready. But, today Don successfully completed the closing on his house — no small feat when you live in Mexico — so decided to pick it up. I won’t go into detail, but the long distance closing experience was extra stressful because the title company had issues with how Don had the closing papers “notarized.” Long story short, they eventually accepted the Mexican notarization. Also of interest, FedEx doesn’t provide any type of mailing envelopes unless you go to their office and get one for whatever you are shipping. In the U.S. I can remember the mail room having an abundant supply of all types of shipping envelopes, boxes, etc. I’d love to know why the difference? P.S. Don said the FedEx employee didn’t speak a word of English, much like the DHL couriers. Seems wrong to me, but maybe I’m just an entitled American.

new truck

Fernando and Don in the “Congratulations” Chevy

It’s been two months since we got here, and two months since I’ve driven. I didn’t feel comfortable driving Don’s Tacoma since it’s a stick so he let me drive his new truck home. What a guy! Woohoo! Nice, and fun to drive.

Don learned today that to license the truck here he would need a Mexican drivers license. Uh oh, here we go again. I’m going to let him tell you about his experience:

This was one experience that I think everyone should have. It made going to the DMV in Albuquerque look like a cake walk. I used my phone on Google translate and found where to take a number just like at all DMVs. But they would not give me a number until I filled out a form. The guy who gave out the numbers did not know where the forms were, nor did he speak any English so right off I was stuck.

Eventually, after telling the number guy over and over using my best steering wheel driving motions that I wanted a Sonora drivers license he said to go with him. He took me into a little room with cameras and some seats to wait at. There I found a employee who could speak some English. He gave me a form to fill out in Spanish, and told me I needed a bill from my house water or electric in my name. I told him that I was renting and didn’t have anything like that. I asked if a bank account would work. He said, of course. This is some thing they say at the bank and it never seems to happen. I was sure there was going to be a problem but pressed on.

I headed home to fill out the form using Google translate, then to the bank. At the bank I wanted to change our address to the new house, and get something that said I was a great bank guy and had my new address so it would be on my new drivers license. Wouldn’t you know, they needed a water and electric bill from the new house — ugh. Off to the realtors office to see if they have them. They gave me a water bill and said that should be good. Nope. Back to realtors to dig thru files, and yes, we found an electric bill. Back to the bank. They make copies, type a lot of stuff, and then say it should take about three days. I tell them I need it for a driver license so she makes copies of the bills, and said that should work, so I head back. I go to the number guy and showed him the form all filled out and the bills. He was happy then showed me I needed to go to the police down this long, dark hall. At the end was a lady at a desk with just one florescent light about 2 feet over her head, very eerie. She asked for 122 pesos then stamped my form. Back to the number guy. He now is in a great battle with an old man who is slamming papers on his desk, and using a lot of bad words (yep, I knew em all.)  I waited for that to get over. Now he says I have to go to the medico across the street. Weird, but I went, and after going into three or four different storefronts I found the medico. I had to wait about 15 minutes, then the medico asked for 20 pesos. He didn’t even bother looking at me while he stamped my form. Back to the number guy. Oh no, there was a new number guy! I learned that this was when I was to get the number to get my picture taken. I was as good as done! Then he noticed that my name was not on the bill. He took all my papers and left with them. I was freaking out when he came back and said the electric bill wouldn’t work so I split. On the way home I stopped by the car dealer and he said no problem, we have temp plates until you get your license. I went and got Sue and we got the truck……entire day shot.


Nice truck!

Tomorrow we will sign the closing papers on our new house. We have to do wire transfers from our U.S. accounts to the buyers and realtors accounts. Pray for us…




2 thoughts on “Nuevo Camion!

  1. Is this a case of the grass always looks greener? I was going to say good luck in Spanish tomorrow but the Damn thing keeps saying burnout instead of b u en o. Maybe that is



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