Empalme Flea Market

Today George and Maggie took us on an adventure to the Emplame flea market. It’s a big event held every Sunday on the streets of Emplame. On the way we passed by the Guaymas International Airport, a large shrimp farm, and the scenic town of San Jose. Now that we know the way to San Jose, Don and I will have to go back to check it out. — Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Maggie and George told us we could find anything and everything at the flea market. They were right. We even found Waldo! It’s a new world where we can spend mucho dinero. We resisted today since we need to move into our new house, and take inventory. We’ll be visiting again, for sure. Here are some of the pics I took.

You can see all of the photos I took here.

New House Blues

You are probably wondering what’s going on with our new house. Well, we are too. The wire transfer on Friday did not go well. Wells Fargo, Don’s bank, will only do wire transfers over $5K in person. Don ended up driving to Nogales, AZ to make the transfer. It is a 500 mile round trip. It’s a hard trip under normal circumstances, but add in two border crossings, endless construction on MX 15 from Nogales to the San Carlos exit, and the experience is grueling. Poor guy made the round trip in 11.5 hours. He didn’t make it to the bank by 3 PM, the wire transfer cut-off time, so the buyers won’t see the money until tomorrow. We hope once the transfer happens, and we sign the closing papers, we will get the keys to our new house. We will be so happy once all the house selling and buying business is completed, and we can relax and really enjoy our new life.

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