New House!

We are finally in our new house. We got the keys about 2 PM yesterday, and immediately came over to see what the sellers left us. Turns out they left way more than we expected. Don was over-the-moon happy to see scuba gear, and fishing poles in the garage. I was surprised to see they left their fairly new PC and a laser printer behind. They even left us a bottle of champagne in the fridge. Georgina, our realtor left us some wine and beautiful glasses. It was just like Christmas morning.


We finished moving our stuff from the rental house to the new house today. The place is kind of a disaster now. Even though we didn’t bring that much with us, it seems to have expanded in the two months we were renting. Here are some of the pictures I took before we started moving.

Once we finished schlepping everything to the new house, and cleaning up the rental house we took a break to enjoy the view from the deck.


It was a little chilly with a brisk sea breeze today, but we didn’t mind a bit. Tomorrow’s adventure: changing utilities to our name.

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