Settling In

We are making progress unpacking. We spent the past few days figuring out where to put our stuff since the sellers left so much behind. We have many duplicate items so we created a donation pile which we will take to the Rescate of San Carlos thrift store. Rescate provides emergency first aid medical care and ambulance service to San Carlos residents and visitors. They are completely self supporting through memberships, donations and the Rescate auxiliary. We need to join A.S.A.P.

Work around the house is slow going since we take frequent breaks to enjoy our deck. It’s pretty quiet here, but there is a house under construction across the street from us which livens things up from 8 to 6 or so. The workers like to sing, play their music loudly, and joke around, at least until the hefe shows up. We don’t mind much since they sing beautifully, and are a fun bunch to watch. On Saturday Don asked them if they wanted some furniture. The sellers left us a recliner and love seat which was probably very nice in its day, but the red “pleather” upholstery was disintegrating, and we were tracking the small pieces all over the house. We weren’t sure what to do with it, but one of Don’s new golfing buddies popped by, and told us to offer it to pretty much anyone, and they’d be thrilled to have it. He was right. Don walked across the street to offer it to the workers. One of the guys came over immediately, and Don helped him load into the back of his truck. A few of the workers put it to use right away.

car seats

Break time.

The golf course isn’t very busy most of the time, but Don likes to watch, and remark on the player’s tee shots on the 14th fairway in front of our house. There are usually more creatures than players on the course which are even more fun to watch. Don says the course is in great shape β€” for here. Maybe due to the organic fertilizer.

greens keepers


Don has been telling me about the giant jack rabbits he’s been seeing. I hadn’t seen any so figured he was embellishing a bit. I saw one today, and he’s not!

jack rabbit

This guy was at least 3′, ears and all.

Yesterday we had a weather event we hadn’t seen before. A cold front created a huge bank of fog that rolled in from the sea for over four hours. It was amazing to watch.


blue fishDon has been snorkeling in a new spot. The water is getting warmer so a bigger variety of fish are showing up. Here’s a link to some pics he took on his last few outings.


Good News!

I have accepted an offer on my house! The buyers are coming from California where they have already sold their house. If inspections, etc. go well β€” as they should β€” the closing should be around June 15. Woohoo! Now we can start boat shopping.



11 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Yay! Congrats on the sale of your house! I had shared the info with someone who just moved here from TX, but she obviously wasn’t quick enough. Too bad for her, good for you! I’m looking at dates in the fall when I can come visit — will be in touch. πŸ™‚


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