Sit Up Straight

You know those uncomfortable seats at the Albuquerque airport? Well, that style of chair is the seating standard in San Carlos, and probably all over Mexico. No slouching allowed here.

We have been told by several people that the folks who sold us our house have serious regrets about doing so. Oh well, too bad for them. Here are some more pics of the place:


Who doesn’t love a hot tub in the foyer? It’s supposed to go on the patio, but we aren’t sure we want it there, or at all.


Site for downstairs mini kitchen, plumbed and ready to go. We are getting quotes to have one put in with a sink and a mini fridge which we have to provide. Ugh. More shopping.

Downstairs bedrooms and bath

Living room





Notice the funky paint job. Don likes it, but it looks weird to me.

We contracted with Jorge and Jorge, a couple of very talented welders to make us a fence which will go around the back half of the house and yard. The Jorges are twin brothers. We learned from the person that recommended them to us that in Mexico when twins are born one is not expected to live so they give them both the same name. Hopefully this is a very old tradition, and the mortality rate of twins has much improved. The Jorges are very busy so our fence won’t be ready for about a month. We are hoping that they mean a real time month, not a Mexican month.

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