Pool Party

Last Sunday we were invited to James and Diane’s house for a swim and a BBQ. James is one of Don’s golf buddies, and I met Diane at one of the Thursday morning breakfast gatherings. They moved to San Carlos from California about a year ago once the house they were building was finished. James bought their seaside lot several years ago. They built a small casita to stay in while their house was being built, which took about a year. What a house! What a view! Here are some pics:

We are only slightly envious of the view.


We met Carbone, a handsome, blue pitbull, who James and Diane recently rescued from the Tucson Humane Society. Carbone is about one year old so he will get even bigger. He has a perfect #1 on his chest.

He’s a very friendly fellow, at least to people. He doesn’t go into the pool, but he likes to interact with those in the pool.

We had a great time. We are going to have to start entertaining a bit so we don’t get a moocher reputation. Next week our friends Larry and Anita are coming from Albuquerque for a visit. We’ll do a trial run of our Mexican hosting skills on them.

3 thoughts on “Pool Party

  1. Wow. Great views and I like their pool. Carbone is so cute. Sounds like you all have made some great friends. Blog about Larry and Anita’s visit and include pictures too. I bet you are looking forward to their visit.


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