Bye Bye Chauffeur Service

After enjoying months of being driven around by Don I decided it was time to get my own car. I tried driving his Tacoma a few weeks ago when I wanted to go to a Thursday morning breakfast, and he had to take his new truck somewhere. It did not go well. The Tacoma is a stick with a challenging clutch, and our driveway is steep, and narrow with a sharp curve. After several attempts I gave up when I nearly took out the corner of the house and the right side of the truck. The episode made me get serious about car shopping. Since Don had a fairly good car buying experience at the Chevy dealer in Guaymas I decided to get a Chevy as well. I ended up getting a Trax. It’s a cute little car that wasn’t very expensive, came with free insurance for a year, and gets good gas mileage. Gas is over $6/gallon here so this important. It’s fun to drive, and most importantly, I think I can navigate our driveway with doing damage to the house or car.


My new car.

Guest Blog Tomorrow!

Our friends Larry and Anita will be arriving in Guaymas tomorrow at 7 AM, after an eight hour bus ride from Phoenix. Larry has agreed to do a guest blog about their experience. Stay tuned!

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