Helpful Houseguests

We have been keeping busy with our visitors, Larry and Anita, the past few days. For those of you who know Anita it should be no surprise that she has managed to organize our kitchen, my sewing room, and thanks to a bit of Anita’s whip cracking, we can now get both of our vehicles into the garage. We greatly appreciate her help!

During our organizing efforts we began speculating that the sellers might be hoarders since they left so much broken and useless stuff behind. We did make some interesting discoveries like a bag full of sunglasses, many of which were pretty cool.


The hot tub is now out of the foyer, and in it’s intended location on the patio. We have heard that the sellers want to buy it back if we don’t want it. Since most of the stuff they have left behind doesn’t work we may take them up on it.

hot tub

It hasn’t been all work, though. We’ve been to the Soggy Peso and Tortuga’s, a local restaurant owned by an ex-pat Frenchman, where we had some delicious sea bass. One evening we went to JJ’s Tacos. JJ is a local success story. He started out selling his tacos at a roadside stand, and now has his own restaurant. He is quite a character. When you lament about eating or drinking too much he will ask you “Who cares?”  so, of course, you eat and drink some more. One of the more interesting items on his menu is the Donkey which is a very large burrito you can get stuffed with chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, or any combination of these. In addition to the carne/seafood stuffings, they add tomatoes, avocados, and “sheese.” If you are really hungry you can get a Super Donkey which is frighteningly large. Don has managed to eat one of these several times, and they almost always takes him out for a day or two. — Will we ever learn? —  In addition to food JJ sells all kinds of fun piñatas, and t-shirts that say things like “Your pants say yoga, but your butt says tacos.”

Friday night we invited a few of our new friends over to party with us, and to meet Larry and Anita. Anita was a huge help with the party prep. She made some delicious bacon wrapped chicken appetizers, carnitas, and chicken fajitas. I rounded out the menu with guacamole and chocolate chip cookies. A good time was had by all.



3 thoughts on “Helpful Houseguests

  1. We are finally back on line. Enjoyed your blogs re: your visitors the pictures are great. Thank you. It is 97 here today whew! The house next door is still vacant. Happy birthday Late to Don and happy Father’s Day. Hope to hear from you soon now that I can reply to email I am so happy. Love to you 2


    • Hi Mary and Jim,
      It’s good to hear from you. Hope everything is OK. Wonder why they haven’t moved in next door yet? Thanks for the update! I’ll make sure Don reads your comment.


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