Adios Queridos Amigos

Late Friday evening we bid Larry and Anita hasta luego. We enjoyed fun filled days with them, and, thanks to Larry’s bonus adventure ambulance ride to the local rescue center Don and I now know medical help is minutes away. Big thanks also to Anita for her drill sergeant ways, and endless energy. Our house is in much better shape for her efforts. We made several trips to the Rescate Thrift Store to donate all of the unwanted items the sellers left behind. Now we have plenty of room to buy replacements for all of the items we left in Albuquerque about which we often reminisce. 😦

Don made a quick trip to Phoenix to pick up stuff we couldn’t fit in the U Haul when we moved. Our friend, Tracy, kindly stored it for us. Knowing that we would be heading to Phoenix soon I ordered some rugs on line, and had them shipped to Tracy’s. Now we need to buy some furniture to put on them. The dining table we inherited has a glass top which, of course, is always covered in fingerprints, etc. Why anyone would ever buy a glass top table of any sort is beyond me. I’m hoping to find a big, round, copper top table to replace it, but will settle for a pretty wood table.

We also bought some kayaks! They are just like the ones our friends in Florida, Joanna and Mark, have. We had so much fun using them when we visited Jo and Mark last year. They are really cool since you pedal instead of paddle. Woo hoo, can’t wait to try them out.


Now we are wondering who will be brave enough to visit us next?

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