Naked and Afraid in San Carlos

Ha ha, it’s not what you think. When Don went to Phoenix he was able to buy a DirecTV receiver. He also signed up for their basic service which is about 500 channels of infomercials, shopping, and 13 channels that we might watch. We hired a fellow named Chava, who is well regarded in San Carlos for his satellite TV installation knowledge, to get things going for us. The house came with a very large satellite dish, but this was not sufficient. Chava installed two other, smaller dishes. Turns out the big dish is for HD, one of the smaller dishes is for the DirecTV guide, and the other is so we can get Phoenix affiliates of CBS, ABC, NBC, etc., and a bunch of those UHF stations like the CW. It took a few hours for Chava, and his helpers to install the equipment, and hang our newly purchased Smart TV in our living room. He did a great job. He even put the DirecTV receiver on the back of the TV so we don’t have to look at it. We were so excited to have TV again. That excitement quickly wore off once we started watching again, but Don is happy to be able to watch one of his favorite shows Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel. Personally, I don’t see the attraction of watching people get naked with a stranger, and try to survive in nasty places all for $5K. But, each to their own.


Very small array.


Are coconut bras allowed?  New TV, couch, and credenza.

It’s been a busy weekend. The Jorge’s started installing our fence! They got much of it done, and hopefully will finish tomorrow. It looks great. Don really likes the gate since the curly-Qs on the gate remind him of boobs. Ahem. This is not what I had in mind when I told the Jorge’s to make the gate look like the front door.

Today we went to the Elektra Mega in Guaymas to buy a new washing machine. The machine we inherited with the house was a top loading, super capacity, high efficiency Maytag. It worked OK for awhile, but lately it was off balance for no apparent reason. We called a local repairman, Luis, who worked on it for awhile, then decided he needed to take it home to work on it for a week. Don helped him cart it to his house. When Don called Luis a week later he was waiting for some springs to test it which he thought he would get this week. Alrighty then, we finally understand that the “yes, I can fix it” response means “I don’t have a clue, but I’ll give it a try.” Well, we got a clue, and decided to buy a new machine. We didn’t want to put a lot of money into a machine since they all seem to be crap these days, and the selection here is very limited. We ended up with a Whirlpool made in Mexico, so it makes doing laundry a real learning experience. Thank goodness for Google Translate.


Our new lavadora.

The plumbers brought our nuevo cisterna yesterday. Oscar, our gardener, told us that our current cistern is woefully inadequate. The water service in San Carlos is reportedly iffy so cisterns help you through the dry spells. Don ordered us a 5000 kilo cistern (1300 gallons) which they will install on the hill behind our new fence so it won’t get in the way of our future pool.


Mucha agua.

About a week ago Don put some heat shield film on the the windows — that he could reach — in our stairwell. It is reflective so some curious birds have been checking themselves out. They are fun to watch. Don says they think they are chasing competitors away. Here’s a pic I was able to snap before Zip chased the bird away.


Cardinal lothario.

New Boat?

We put in an offer on a boat which the seller has accepted. We still need to take the boat on a sea trial before making our final decision. The seller can’t come to San Carlos until the end of July so the waiting game continues. I’ll save the details for when the deal is done. Fingers crossed that the sea trial goes well.



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