Today we paid to have the boat we are interested in buying, the Wanderlust, moved from the dry dock to the marina in preparation for the sea trial on Saturday. Wanderlust’s owner, Alan, and his friend, Ken, arrived in San Carlos this morning after flying from Denver to Phoenix, then taking the bus to Guaymas. Alan and Ken are from Littleton, CO. Since Don lived in Littleton for 20 years he swapped boating and Colorado stories with these fellows while we waited for marina personnel to bring the boat from the dry dock. They were supposed to bring it at 11 am, which in Mexico time turned out to be closer to noon.

Getting the boat off of the trailer, and into the water was an interesting operation. At Cochiti Lake Don would back his boat trailer into the water until it was deep enough for the boat to float off of the trailer. Here, the trailer does not go into the water. They back up the boat so that it’s next to a large crane, put heavy duty straps around the hull, then hook the straps to the crane. Once secure, they lift the boat from the trailer, then swing it around to gently lower into the water.

Alan invited us aboard so that I could get the nickle tour. What a nice boat! It’s a 32 foot O’Day made in 1987. It’s pretty spacious, as boats of this size go. The galley is tall enough for Don (6′) to stand without ducking. It has a lot of features that make Don happy like the auto pilot. The boat seems very well kept. Don will find out more during the sea trial on Saturday. I am not going to go on the sea trial since there is going to be, literally, a boat load of people. Don, Alan, Ken, Don, the broker, and Joe, the boat surveyor, are all going to check out the Wanderlust. It could be a be bit of a wild ride since currently there two pacific storms, Hillary and Irwin, southwest of the Baja. They are joing forces to stir up the surf which should be a good test of the Wanderlust’s sea worthiness. I’ve asked Don to take his waterproof camera to document the sail. I’ll try to talk him into doing a guest blog about the sea trial when he gets back.

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