Sea Trial Results

Hi blog readers! It’s me, Don, here to tell you about the sea trial of the Wanderlust. I went to bed the night before worrying about the weather since there were two hurricanes off the tip of the Baja that could cause a large swell all the way to San Carlos. Good for surfing, but not that great for sailing unless there is enough wind to help you cut through the waves.

Thankfully, the hurricanes also pushed enough moisture here late the day before the sea trial which caused a lot of local wind and rain that knocked down the swell. When I got up in the morning there was no swell around. I looked out our front window to see a sailboat out in the ocean slowly going by with little wind and no swell. I later found out that it was the Wanderlust heading in to port after spending the night at a small cove near Guaymas.


The Wanderlust making its way back to the marina.

We were to meet at 9:45 for the sea trial. At 9:00 it was raining like crazy, but starting to lift so the trial was on. By the time I got there it was clearing so we went to the boat. Alan, the boat owner, started the engine. We all checked to see that the water pump was working. It was so we jumped in. We putted slowly out of the marina while Joe, the boat surveyor, checked things on the boat.

Everything seemed to be working great. We were almost past the no wake buoys when a loud beeping started. We all looked at each other, and Joe said that must mean that the motor is over heating. Three of us at us looked over the back of the boat to see if water was coming out from the pump. There was nothing. Joe used his handy laser thermometer, and said it was just barley starting to over heat, and we should turn off the engine. Luckily for us the wind was blowing the right direction, and pushed us back into a empty dock. Alan got busy looking for a spare impeller. With much sweat dripping off his entire body he found one in a few minutes then started putting it in. It took him about 45 minutes to get it done then we were back on the trial.

Joe went thru all his tests. It was time to check and see how she sailed. When I looked up to see how much wind there was, and from what direction, all I noticed was a big squall heading our way. They asked me if I wanted them to raise the sails. I said no, not with that coming our way. Everyone was glad I said no. It was not a good time to be sailing. Joe was done with all his stuff so we headed in. On the way in Alan suggested that after 2:00 we try to take her out if it clears up for a sail, and to see if Sue would like to go also. She didn’t go on the sea trial because the boat was full with five people on board and a lot going on.

I headed home to tell Sue as another rainstorm started. We went to lunch during the rain, and returned at 2:00 just as it stopped raining. Not much wind, but we took out the boat, and got to raise the sails, and go at about at three knots (very slow) around. Despite all the weird things happening I think it was a successful sea trial. I got a good idea how she handled under sail. I was surprised at the good handling in light wind, and was impressed with the rigging. I think Sue was impressed with the boat also. The only thing that didn’t work was the auto pilot so I think if Alan will drop the price so that we can fix or replace the auto pilot we will buy the Wanderlust.


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