Pink Sea at Night

Hello blog readers. It’s been awhile since I have posted anything since not much is going on here. We spend most of our time inside to avoid the heat, humidity, and mosquitoes. However, we do have some moments of excitement from time-to-time. About a week ago we witnessed something we have never seen. During a cloudy sunset the Sea of Cortez became a vivid pink. It only lasted for about a minute which was good since it was almost frightening.

pink sea

We had a big rain storm on Saturday with a good, soaking rain. Apparently, it doesn’t take much to saturate the ground here since much of the water stays above ground for quite awhile. It was a real learning experience for us. We discovered that our two skylights leak, as well as the windows by the kitchen. We need to get these leaks repaired ASAP in case a hurricane comes our way. I don’t think we have enough buckets, bowls, and towels to deal with hurricane caused leakage. We also learned that during a good rainstorm the bluff behind our house hosts many waterfalls.

Today, instead of looking at the eclipse with goofy looking glasses — only 48% visible here —Don decided to go snorkeling. The water is about 92°, and very clear. He got some great pics.

A few weeks ago my friend, Maggie, agreed to go to Guaymas with me so I could check out Parisina, a large fabric store. Maggie is pretty familiar with Guaymas so she pointed out many useful places to know like a kitchen store, and several good restaurants. Turns out that Parisina has many beautiful fabrics, but not many suitable for quilting. Once done there we walked a block or two to Woolworth’s so I could see if it was like the one I remember from my youth in Iowa. It was sort of, in that there was a bulk candy counter, and the rest of the two story store was chock-full of inexpensive merchandise.

Finally, here’s a pic of Smoochie’s new Bark-a-Lounger. Hope everyone is doing well.


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