Tropical Storm Lidia

We are experiencing our first tropical storm, Lidia. A few days ago Lidia was projected to make a path straight up the middle of Baja Sur California. Our proximity put us on the edge of the storm meaning we would be hit with high winds and rains. We heeded warnings from Oscar, our gardener, to bring in or tie down anything that could become a projectile.


Fortunately Lidia is heading further west, and satellite images show that she is weakening. We will still get rain and wind, but not as bad as originally predicted.


Don went to the shore this morning to watch the waves. Scary, yet mesmerizing to watch. Here are some pics he took.


Hopefully, this is the worst storm we will experience, and nothing like Hurricane Harvey is in our future. 😦

Hope everyone has a fun Labor Day weekend.


3 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Lidia

  1. Thanks for all the updates and great photos. I have been nearly laughing outloud as you try to avoid heat, humidity and mosquitoes. You could have come back to Iowa!!


    • Ha ha, Annie. No thanks. I know it’s been awhile since I lived in Iowa (39 years – yikes!), but it seems to me that the only time Iowa has some decent weather is a few weeks in October. I can put up with a few months of heat, etc. for 9-10 months of perfect weather. This winter, I’ll be thinking of you while I’m sitting on the beach sipping margaritas. Come visit and check it out!


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