Bird’s Eye View

Recently we met with a local architect who was recommended by Victor, the plumber, to talk about pool designs for our backyard. A week or so ago he sent a drone operator to take some aerial shots of our property. It was amazing to watch the drone. Both Smooch and I want one now. The photos confirm our suspicions that our house is puny compared to our neighbors.

We met with Fabian, the architect, today to see his preliminary design. We love it!  His design gives us everything we asked for including a waterfall, a shallow pool entry, a BBQ area, and filtered shade. During our meeting we suggested a few tweaks to expand the shade area, and add a baño. Now that we have agreed on a design Fabian will calculate a cost estimate for us. We have no clue how much this will cost. The anticipation will be brutal.

pool design


Additionally, we have decided to buy the lot next door to us. Things are really picking up in San Carlos. Several houses are under construction in the neighborhood, and since the lots are so skinny we don’t want anyone building next to us. Our realtor helped us find the lot owner. He lives in Phoenix, and is willing to sell, so after minimal negotiations we are under contract. We were scheduled to close tomorrow, September 12, in Phoenix, but the seller didn’t get the paperwork to the attorney until Friday so we had to postpone. We were bummed since our friend, Tracy, who graciously lets us crash at her house, got us tickets to a Diamondback v. Rockies game tonight. 😦 We are waiting to hear if our proposed new closing date of next Tuesday is confirmed by all parties. Our plan for the lot is to reconfigure the driveway away from the house to make it less challenging to navigate, and reduce potential damage to the house due to weak backing skills. We would like to build another garage on the lot to store Don’s existing and future toys, and maybe include a man cave. Who knows — we like to dream big.


I spotted a strange animal up the stairs in our backyard one night through the window when I noticed that the motion sensor light on our giant boulder was on. I watched to see what was triggering the light, and soon saw a Smoochie sized animal with a very long tail. I couldn’t see it all that well, and thought there might be more than one. The creature(s) was having some fun either playing with some prey, or just hip hopping around. Once the light turned off the show was over. I told Don about my sighting the next day so he could be on the lookout. Sure enough, the next day when he went out with the dogs in the morning, he saw them. He thought they were Kit Foxes. Since then he has been taking his camera with him during early morning dog duty. He saw them this morning, and got some shots with his beefy zoom lens since they were far away up the hill. He says they are very quick, and able to scale the vertical bluff behind our house with little effort. Amazing!




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