Road Trip

We spent a few days in Phoenix this past week. We went to close on the lot next door, and to shop. We stayed with our friend, Tracy, who was kind enough to put up with us, our dogs, all of the stuff I bought on-line, and the mega purchases we made once we got there. Tracy spoiled us by cooking us delicious breakfasts.

We had our doubts that we would be able to fit everything into Don’s truck for our return trip to San Carlos, but we did it. We brought large, expandable suitcases in which we were able to fit most of the smaller items.


The dogs had a comfy ride on their new beds from Costco.


We considered the trip to be very successful when we got a green light at the border, and sailed through with nary a question about the items in our jam packed truck, including the cooler full of New Mexico green chile. Life is good.

Fox Update

Don was able to get a better picture of one of the foxes. Beautiful!fox1


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