What’s New?

It’s been a while since I did a blog so I thought I do a catch up version. We survived the hot, steamy summer. Now the temperatures are in the 80’s, and the humidity is usually below 50%. The mosquitoes literally disappeared on October 1st. Life is good again.

So, what have we been up to? Nothing too exciting, just enjoying the nice weather. Here’s a rundown:


We had the house painted. It needed it badly. We hired a fellow named Raphael who came highly recommended. He, his son, and nephew did the outside and inside in a few weeks. They did a wonderful job. We love the new color.


Here we are kayaking at the Mirador. So much fun.

Playing Fetch


I made this purse with Aboriginal fabric I bought while we were in Phoenix.


Feeding Hummingbirds

I always wondered where the hummingbirds went when in got cold in Albuquerque. It seems like they all come here! We have to fill this feeder every other day. We’ve been seeing some pretty cool ones like the Mexican Violetear. He has little tufts of vivid purple feathers on both sides of his neck that look like ears. We have to bring the feeder in every night or bats empty it in short order.

Cactus Garden

We drive by this building on the way to Hammerhead’s restaurant. The only occupants seem to be the cacti growing on the roof.

roof garden



There is significant progress on the house across the street. Things seem to be picking up in San Carlos. Currently there are five houses, and some condos being built in our neighborhood.


Some friends from Albuquerque will be visiting next week, and Don’s daughter, Emily, and granddaughter, Kalli, are coming the week after, and will be here for Thanksgiving. Woohoo!



6 thoughts on “What’s New?

  1. Don and Sue – we’ve missed your blogs – house color looks gorgeous – what colors for inside? Love all of the photos! Miss you –


  2. So great to hear from you. Jim fell and broke his arm this week????????? We miss aging someone next door. The fellas who bought it had to move back to Maine cuz he has cancer. ( that word is having). Anyway glad you are having such fun and know Emily will have a good time. Love you


    • Oh no, we are so sorry to hear about Jim’s arm. Hope he is mending well. We heard that the guy that bought Don’s house had some medical issues, and had to put it back on the market. Hope the next buyer turns out to be a great neighbor. It’s always good to hear from you too. Thanks!


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