What’s New, continued.

Here are some pics of our newly painted interior walls. We sort of stuck with the existing color scheme, but whittled down the number of colors. Raphael, the painter, used Sherwin Williams paint.


We decided to lose the fancy window treatments. The room feels much larger now, and the view is better than ever. The wall color is called Jersey Cream.

We found out from the neighbors that the fancy paint job in the stair well was actually an unfinished paint job (as I suspected.)


We liked the purple in the entry way so refreshed it with Mature Grape.


More Anjou Pear and Jersey Cream

Since we heard so many horror stories about the power being out for days after a hurricane hits we decided to have a whole house generator installed. The generator got it’s inaugural run two days after it was installed when the power went out (for no apparent reason) for about an hour in the evening. The generator kicked on after 10 seconds, and we sat in cool comfort watching TV. Nice!


We had the kitchen cabinets refinished since they were in bad shape from sitting for months in an un-cooled house while the former owners went to Utah for the summer every year. It really took a toll on all of the woodwork in the house. The cabinets are made of a pretty wood called Parota which is commonly used here since termites don’t like it. The carpenters did a good job. They also built us three drawers where the non-working trash compactor used to be.

That pretty much does it for any home improvement projects for awhile. Now we have to save some money for the pool for which we still haven’t gotten an estimate. We made a few tweaks to the design, then Fabian’s (the designer) wife had a car accident. She is OK, but he has to take her to Hermosillo a few times a week for physical therapy. Anyway, we are in no rush. Soon it will be too cold to swim, unless we heat the thing. That’s still up for discussion.

We will be busy with our visitors the next few weeks. Maybe they will do guest blogs. We’ll see…



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