Rachel’s Guest Blog


So yes, this place is magnificently beautiful. The water, the sunsets, the mountains – and Sue & Don‘s house – it’s all simply gorgeous. I can see why so many people choose to live here!


Having traveled a good bit around the world, it’s rather strange for me to be in a foreign country that doesn’t speak English and be surrounded by English speakers. In San Carlos, that’s been the case everywhere we’ve gone, from restaurants to shops. Sue says it’s not that way outside San Carlos – this is apparently a little oasis of (mostly) American expats.

Friday, though, Don & Rebecca & I went to the beach and were mostly surrounded by Spanish speakers…although there was also a group of Russians nearby. That was interesting – wonder how they heard about this place!

Snorkeling & Pearls

Don took Rebecca & me snorkeling Thursday morning. It took us…well, me…awhile to get my gear situated – which was probably frustrating for Don, although you’d never know it. He was very patient and took us through a great area where we saw lots of fish and some starfish and coral. I got a few good pics.

On Friday, Sue took us to the pearl farm (www.perles.mx), which was really interesting. And of course I had to buy a souvenir…

Selfie Girl

On Wednesday (11/8) we went to a beach bar, and while we were enjoying the view and our beverages, a young woman climbed up to the lifeguard chair and proceeded to strip to her bikini and then spent 30 minutes taking selfies. I mean, really??


So Much Good Food!

Between the restaurants (if you visit, try the chile rellenos at Tequillas!) and pigging out on sandwiches & quesadillas at Sue’s, I don’t think I’ll need to eat for a week after I get home…(not that that will actually happen). Everything has been really good, especially the fresh seafood. Yummmm!!

A Fast Trip

These few days have gone quickly – we’ve seen a lot and done a lot (and ate and drank a lot!), and still managed to just hang out and relax, both on the beach and at the house. Sunday we’ll take Leonardo‘s taxi service to the airport in Hermosillo – it’s a long drive for Sue & Don to make roundtrip, particularly since there’s construction along the way which makes it even longer than usual. Hopefully our luggage will fit in Leonardo’s little car!

Not looking forward to going back to cooler (and soon to be cold) weather. I think I need to move to the beach…

2 thoughts on “Rachel’s Guest Blog

  1. Hello. Love the pictures and news. Jim fell and broke his arm would you by any chance still have a phone number for Dove? We need an extra hand. Enjoy your blogs. Keep them coming😄

    Sent from my iPad



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