Adios 2017

What a year it’s been living in our new country. Any regrets yet? Nope. Well, maybe a few, but they are mostly wishing we hadn’t left so much stuff behind. We are adapting, but the list of things we miss is slowly growing. We keep a list of things to do and buy on the next trip to the U.S. For instance, we made a trip to Phoenix a few weeks ago intending to accomplish several things. One was to change our cell phone service from Verizon to T Mobile. T Mobile has a great deal for those over 55, and for a mere $10 more a month, we get unlimited calls/texts to the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Since Verizon charges $5/day for their travel pass our monthly bill was usually over $300. Switching will save us about $220/month. Such a deal.

20171211_131006While in Phoenix we imposed on our good friend Tracy’s hospitality. And to really heap it on while we were there, Larry and Anita drove over from Albuquerque so we could all spend a few days together. It worked out well logistically since Larry went with Don to look at dirt bikes, Anita went shopping with me, and Tracy stayed with the dogs. We met all of our objectives except a dirt bike for Don, and managed to have a lot of fun. We are lucky to have such good friends.

One of the fun things we did while we were in Phoenix was go to Top Golf. I had never heard of it, but we drove past one in Tucson, and it looked quite intriguing. The Top Golf website says it’s a golf entertainment complex. That seems a fair description. It’s hard to explain so go to the website if you want more info. We paid for an hour’s worth of play, which turned out to be great fun. We had a delicious lunch and a few beers while we were playing. It was kind of an expensive outing, but worth it for something different to do.

El Colorado

The day before we went Phoenix we joined a group that was going to El Colorado to kayak. El Colorado is a small fishing village in a beautiful cove along the coast north of here. It’s not very far away as the crow flies, but it takes about an hour and a half to get there since there are no direct roads. It was worth the drive. One we (Don) got the kayaks into the water we pedaled around enjoying the striking landscape. It was a very windy day so we didn’t venture too far away from shore since the waves were pretty big. When we were done we were served lunch at the very rustic restaurant. The amenities were few, but the food was outstanding. We had fresh shrimp that had just been delivered by returning shrimp boats. I’ve never been a big shrimp fan, but now I am a convert. Yum.

Christmas Eve Boat Parade

The San Carlos Yacht Club hosts an annual boat parade every Christmas Eve. We figured it would be a few boats with stings of Christmas lights strung on masts and such. We were invited to watch the parade at the home of some friends who live in a beautiful home on the beach. It was a perfect evening for boating, crystal clear skies, and no wind. The parade started at six, and came into view at our location about an hour later. It was a sight to see. There were twelve boats, power and sail, elaborately decorated, parading along the coast. Three restaurants hosted parade watching parties where you could vote for your favorite boat. Watchers set off fireworks along the beach. It was a magical evening.

Perfect Weather

After surviving the brutal summer we are now enjoying, in my opinion, perfect weather. The days are sunny, the temperature is in the mid to high 70’s, and there is just enough humidity to prevent cracked lips, and bloody noses. Don went snorkeling today. He had to wear a wet suit since the water temperature is about 65°. He said it was worth it, though since the water was super clear.


Plants love this weather. We have several hibiscus bushes that are blooming right now.

We have two hummingbird feeders out now, and they both are well attended. Don has to refill them about every other day.

Lately we’ve been having sunrises worth getting out of bed for.


Pool News

We finally got the estimate for our pool  —  $53K. We were disappointed that it was so high. Turns out the majority of the cost was not the pool itself, but all the concrete work that will have to be done to keep the cliff behind the pool in place, and divert the waterfalls that happen when it rains. We decided we didn’t want a pool that bad. We might reconsider when it gets hot again, but think about moving it to the adjacent lot we just bought.

Boat News

We are in the process of buying a boat, again. It’s a very nice boat, and we hope things work out better with this one. The sea trial is pending. Stay tuned.

Happy New Year Everyone!





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