Hola! We are Sue and Don, a couple of baby boomer retirees formerly of Albuquerque, NM. Recently we decided that since we are fast approaching our “best if used by” dates it was now or never to take some action on our “we should” list. You know, we should do this, we should do that, we should go to … Our list started with moving to a place close to water that is great for sailing. The criteria included a wonderful climate (low humidity, NO SNOW), affordable, and not in the U.S.*

We considered many places, but decided Mexico would be a good fit for us. It is close enough to easily get back to the U.S. if we need to, and is very affordable. After visiting several locations the one we decided upon is San Carlos, a place so beautiful we fell in love with it immediately. We returned to Albuquerque asking ourselves if we had the guts to make the move.

Turns out we did. We put our houses up for sale, did some serious purging, attempted to understand Mexican immigration laws, and fired up some on-line Spanish lessons. Our target date was March 11, for no other reason than we wanted to skip the switch to daylight savings time. Thanks to lots of help from friends, especially Anita, who was the boss of us while we were packing, we, and our three dogs, Hugo, Smoochie, and Zip made it to San Carlos in time for happy hour on March 10.

Stay with us while we settle in, and begin our new lives in fabuloso San Carlos.

* No, we didn’t do this because of our new president, but he was a great motivator for us to get things done.